Tuesday, August 25, 2009

errands, creative writing and science

Tuesdays we run errands so I don't plan much for school that day (in fact this is the first year I've planned ANY school on errand day). Today we only had one quick errand to run, but most days we run many errands, have doctor's appointments and such things.

Rob picked out a creative writing program that he wanted to do with the kids, so on Tuesday mornings he does that with the oldest four kids. We think he will be able to do this on Thursdays also and maybe one other day of the week. So far they are all having fun with it and I get to have some time with Miss J!
After errands we have lunch and then it is nap time, but the older three kids do science. We found a great program that walks the kids through a lesson on the computer but there are also hands on activities and experiments to do. Today they built a little race car that they will be using in the next few lessons for experiments. They all had a great time, but needed very little supervision (important on those days when I'm worn out from running many errands with all of the kids!). Once they were all done with that they each had reading assignments to do.

It is working out nicely to have this little bit of school scheduled for errand day, and since many of our errands present learning opportunities also (budget/math when shopping, science/medicine at doctor's appointments and social skills) I'm able to count it as a school day! The kids often get comments either while shopping or at doctor's offices about how well behaved they are. We've even been asked to come into some stores more often, not because we spend so much money, but because they enjoy having the kids in the store so much!

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