Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fried tomatoes

No one in our house cares for tomatoes unless they are cooked into a yummy red sauce in some of our favorite foods, or used as a dip on some favorite foods. I've tried to like tomatoes, really I have, I even happily buy them for my children when they ask for them at the store (each has done this once, and then been sorry after tasting them). This is the closest I've come to enjoying them. A friend gave me some organic heirloom tomatoes from her garden and I was determined not to let them go to waste. Yesterday was my first attempt at the fried tomatoes, and I think it turned out better than today, though both were fairly good.

I sliced the tomatoes and let them drain a bit on a paper towel while I mixed these up
Bowl 1- 1/2 cup regular white flour (salt and pepper could be added here too)
Bowl 2- one egg, beaten
Bowl 3- 1/2 cup whole wheat flour coarsely ground (I did not have bread crumbs and did not want to make any up), salt, pepper, and garlic salt.

Dip each slice of tomato into each bowl starting with bowl one, making sure each side is covered well. Place them on a plate until they are all ready to be fried. Heat up some olive oil in a pan and fry on each side for a couple of minutes. Remove from oil and let drain on paper towel, serve warm. Today I added shredded cheese to the tops of them, I don't think it added much to them and it made them harder to eat.

Rob, Miss E and I actually enjoyed them though we each added some seasoning or ranch dressing to them. Mr. M did okay with them (added seasoning also), Mr. R was not a fan but did eat his with little to no grumbling, and Mr. S and Miss J had no interest in them at all. I don't think I'll be buying tomatoes any time soon, but if I'm offered more I'll gladly take them and make these again. Who knows, given time we may come around!

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