Friday, August 28, 2009


Rob goes jogging 2-3 mornings a week (that is the plan anyways!), and has been taking Mr. M with him on most of those mornings on his bike. Mr. M is our more athletic child, he loves any chances to play sports, but this is a good chance for him to be physically active while also having great quality time with his Daddy! Mr. M helps him with warm up and cool down too and they have a great time together! I can always tell when they are back home, I can hear quiet chatter and laughter in the front yard as they wind down, do sit ups and push ups.
Mr. S and Mr. R are both interested in going too. Mr. R has not made it out with Rob yet, he is not a morning person and when given the chance to go jogging he usually would rather sleep, he will start going one of these days though! Mr. S is a bit more motivated and actually got up yesterday to go jogging, the problem was that he did not have the use of his bike (he ran over his little sister the day before on it and so can not use it for a week to help him remember to be responsible with his bike) so he decided that he would jog in his new jogging shoes! It was too cute to see him getting ready to go and head out with Rob and Mr. M. About 5-10 minutes later they were back with Mr. S panting and worn out. He was so proud of himself (Rob said he really did do quite well), he had gone so fast! He sat and cuddled with me while the other two went back out to continue their jog. I think he will do very well next week when he can go on his bike.

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