Saturday, August 15, 2009

last day of summer break

Today is our last day of our summer break. We'll be starting back to our studies tomorrow, and we're all ready and excited! I'm pleased with what I was able to marked off of my "to do" list and feel ready to get back to "normal".  We will be focusing on US history and California State history this year as far as history goes.  Miss E and Mr. R have supplemental reading to go along with the history I'll be doing with all of the kids, they also have reading lists that they need to get through this year of books Rob and I want them to read.
I'm in the third trimester now! Yep, only about three months to go until we get to meet Miss C! Time sure is flying by! We are all looking forward to meeting her!  I'm pleased with the amount of sewing projects I was able to get done in the last month or so, but I still have quite a list of projects to finish  before mid-september.  In September I'll slowly start to fill my freezer so that I will not have to do much cooking after Miss C arrives.  My hope is that my energy level will not drop too badly until the last month or so of pregnancy.  I'm also planning to have most of my Christmas prep done before October 31st.  As you can see I've got my work cut out for me, but I think I can manage.  We'll be busy, but we'll be having fun too!
I'll try to post pictures of the fist day of school tomorrow.

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