Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hair bow holders

We have been having problems with hair bow storage for a while now, and adding in a second girl in bows just made things worse. We had been storing bows in a little plastic bin in Miss E's dresser drawer. There were many problems with this, one was that all of her bows/headbands/etc. (as well as Miss J's) just did not fit in the bin, the other problem was that often when it was time to do her hair we would realize the bin was in the room with Miss J that was either trying to go to sleep or sleeping. So this is what I came up with, I had seen this sort of thing before I figured it would work well for us. I had fun painting the faces and figuring out how to do the ribbon hair. I had been thinking I would add some sort of bag or basket to hold the things like rubber bands and head bands, but for now they are going back in the old bin that will be stored in my room. These cute little faces are hanging outside my bedroom door where there will not be quite so much traffic to mess with them, but they will be easy to get to no matter who is taking a nap!

Miss E and Miss J were both happy with how they turned out. Miss J had fun this morning running over to pick out her bows after she was dressed. Miss E is not such a fan of having her hair done, so though she likes this set up better than the old its not quite so exciting to her. I'll have to make one for Miss C eventually, but I figure I've got a good 18 months or so before I need to get that one done!

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