Tuesday, August 11, 2009

water and toes

This is our last week of summer break, even though it is just now really starting to feel like summer (weather wise). Yesterday I filled up a bunch of water balloons and squirt guns and when Rob got home early (as we had planned), he had a water fight with the kids! There were two baskets each equally equipped filled with "ammo". They had a great time ganging up on daddy, and then it was off to swimming lessons! Rob takes the three oldest down to our community center pool once or twice a week and gives the kids swimming lessons. When I am able, I go along with Mr. S and Miss J and take them to the "kiddie pool" there (about 18 inches deep).
Now to the toes. Miss E has been asking to do toe nails again for the last week or so, but always when we are in the middle of something. Last night we both remembered at a good time and so we were able to do nails! She did mine for me (since I can't reach!) and her own. She did a great
job and had fun choosing colors for both herself and for me! Miss J was so very excited when she saw all of the colors and was sure she wanted in on the fun too, so I did her toe nails. She was quite sure she wanted the red, her little toes look so cute!

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