Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cheeseburgers anyone?

My dear friend Kathi came to visit a couple of weeks ago, we had a great time chatting, and
catching up. She mentioned these "cheeseburgers" that she had put together as a fun thing to send to her husband who is currently deployed to somewhere over in the big sandbox. I asked if I could swipe her idea since I thought it would be fun for the kids to make these (the goal was also to send them to deployed friends). This is a picture of us with the kids on the couch.

Before calling the kids down to start putting these together I made up a sample tray of all the steps they would go through to put these together. It helped them to have a visual of what they were doing. They were all thrilled to get to work on these, they had a great time and worked very well together. Miss J just watched and hollered from time to time for a new cookie, it was a bit boring for her (we could not trust her with a job, she would eat it all!), she ended up in the playpen for the last 15-20 minutes as we could not have her free to wander around touching everything! We are sending boxes to a couple of friends that are deployed over to the big sandbox (including Kathi's husband), and to an uncle stationed in Germany. The kids drew pictures earlier in the day to send along in the boxes. Rob is also taking a tray of these in to work tomorrow.
It took the kids about an hour to do this whole project. It made quite a mess (frosting, honey, sesame seeds and five kids will do that you know), but it was easy to clean up. Most of the mess was on the table and not on the kids (except for Mr. S who managed to get red frosting all over his fingers and mouth!). While they were busy with this I was able to make my wipe case pretty! It was so easy to do, and easy to put down when the kids needed help and just pick up again. It matches my diaper bag that I just finished. I'll try to take pictures and post tomorrow.
Oh, and here are a couple of little soldiers-


  1. I took some in to the office today, and they were a hit!

  2. Ha those look great. Wish we had a burger burglar to have brought some our way.


  3. Someone at work said, "Are you trying to start a fight between the Hamburgler and Cookie Monster?"