Sunday, August 30, 2009

A sewing day!

I'm a little behind in posting this, but I wanted to finish a couple things up before I took pictures and posted!

A friend of mine here has been teaching herself how to sew over the last few months or so, but wanted to move on to some bigger things, so we did a sewing day together on Friday. She brought her two boys over so the kids got to have a play day while we worked on a few projects. She used a pattern I have (her first time ever using a pattern), for an apron and managed to cut out two aprons and get most of the sewing done on one of them! I had done all of the cutting for two aprons the night before (I had a hard time sleeping), so I was able to get quite a bit of the sewing done while she was cutting.

I ended up making two half aprons out of fabric left over from other projects and a full apron. I realized the other day that I only have one apron (besides a Thanksgiving one I used around then), but each of my older four kids have at least two aprons if not more! So, aprons went on the bottom of my "to-sew before Miss C is born" list. This sewing day brought them up a few places, I'll have to return to my regularly scheduled sewing after this week-end!
The apple one is made of the left over fabric from the apple basket I made for my friend. By the time I was done carefully measuring and cutting all I had left was the smallest pile of scraps.
I had picked out the lavender and yellow fabric while we were in our last house, I had a pretty white and yellow kitchen, and that fabric just needed to be in there as an apron! For some reason I just did not get around to making the apron until now though (maybe it was the new baby, two trips to the west coast to visit family and then a move to the west coast?). I had plenty of fabric left over to put together a half apron from that fabric too! I also managed to piece together an apron for Miss J. She loved having me hold it up to her as I was working on it to size it. I'm not sure she will use it much yet, but it is plenty big so she has some room to grow into it.

Well that was fun! Now back to sewing winter P.J's!

Oh, I almost forgot. I finished this little purse last week. It is to go inside my diaper bag to hold
all of my stuff. It has plenty of pockets for my sunglasses, phone, change, coupons, pen, pencil and more! As I was sewing I'd find new places a pocket would be handy and just add it in! I have a skinny little wallet that my sister-in-law gave me that will work well with this little bag so that when full the bag should not take up too much room in my diaper bag!

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