Monday, August 17, 2009

The first day of school

We had our first day of school today. It went fairly well, but we do have some kinks to work out. Everyone was dressed and had their chores done in time for breakfast (which Miss E had on the table right on time!). After breakfast all of our daily chores for today were also done quickly and everyone was set and ready for circle time on time. I guess I should not be surprised about that since we had kept up these parts of our routine (except for circle time) through our whole break. Circle time went well, though since we are getting back into the swing of things it took a bit longer than it should have, it was fun though!
The kids were excited to see the binders I had made up for them. Mr. S and Mr. M spent quite a bit of time comparing stickers on the fronts of theirs. They all had fun looking through them a bit to get an idea of what we would be covering this year. I had also rearranged their bins (to add one for Miss J) and reorganized the basic arts/crafts supplies (crayons, colored pencils, glue, markers, and rulers) so that Miss J would no longer be able to explore them on her own time! The kids all took some time to check out the new set up. Then we moved on to letter writing, Math and hand writing. I'm going to have to work out some more simple activities to keep Mr. S and Miss J occupied during this time. Mostly they need to remember that this is a time for quiet play, since we have not done this part in such a long time they have forgotten what is expected of them.

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