Sunday, May 6, 2012

May Cupcakes; birds in nest

I've been making cupcakes every month this year, check out the other ones I've done so far.

I've been looking forward to making these cupcakes since the end of December when I got my calendar.  When I realized that we would be out of town for our monthly church potluck I had to figure out a time to make these.  I even tried to think of ways to get them to church like I did last month, but that just was not going to happen.

I ended up just making them for our family to enjoy since everyone ended up getting sick right before the picnic I was going to take these to.  Were so cute!  I love the spring colors and the chocolate frosting.  We had fun making these and I had quite a crowd gathered trying to taste help with the frosting.  Now if only it was not so hot here the little birdies would have held their shape a bit better.  Oh well, they still look cute.

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