Friday, May 11, 2012

Portland trip day 4 (Nike campus and employee store)

One of my brothers works for Nike.  In the inovation department.  Yep, he designs Nike shoes!  How cool!
*Thank you Aunt K for joining us.  It is always great to see you too!
We had lunch in the Nike cafe and then Uncle L showed us around the Nike campus a bit. It was a cool rainy day (what else would you expect in Portland, in May?) so we didn't spent too much time wandering around.


Then we were off to the Nike Employee store.  We decided to let each of the kids pick a pair of shoes.  My mom was with us so we decided to divide and conquer, each adult taking a size range.  Rob did great with the big kids.  I took the little ones; I got to pick out Mr. K's shoes and Miss C picked some sweet white and pink ones.  My mom took Mr. S and Miss J.  Mr. S picked a great pair of blue shoes.  As I rounded the corner to check on how my mom was fairing with them the first thing I saw was a pair of highlighter yellow shoes of Miss J.  It seems that those were the ones she insisted on so my mom left it to me and Rob to break the news to her.  No, those are not everyday shoes; you will need to pick something else.  The next pick was bright watermelon pink patten leather high tops.  Um, no again.  She was thrilled with the sweet white and pink one we ended up agreeing on, so it was a fun shopping trip and we loved seeing what she liked.

While we did not go overboard we still ended up with a cart full.  When everyone in a family of 9 gets a pair of shoes and mom throws in an extra pair or two, well....yea, we purchased 11 pairs of shoes.  We would not normally do this, it was a special treat on a special visit.

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