Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother daughter brunch and Mother's Day

This week-end was a wonderful one.  Our church put on a ladies brunch, on Saturday.  I took all of the girls and Mr. K.  Since we were still coming off of the trip to Oregon my little ones were a bit fussy and clingy.  I spent most of the devotional/prayer time on the floor with the little ones each trying to get as much cuddling as they could.

The food was wonderful and beautifully presented as well. One of the young ladies chose the foods/recipes and we each signed up to bring one or two things.


We all had a great time of fellowship.  It was fun to see the the young ladies and little girls enjoying time with their friends.


My two little munchkins enjoyed being close to me, and I was thrilled to have them contained so that I could enjoy some fellowship time too!

For Mother's day Rob and Miss E made a lovely breakfast of sausage, mini German pancakes and fruit.  I was given some very sweet cards and Rob surprised me with a tote from Saddleback leather! Woo Hoo!  I don't usually get quite this spoiled, but I think that winning The Beast may have influenced this.

After church we made our way over to the base where we had a special Mother's Day brunch.  They really did that one up well.  Champaign and caviar were on the menu, but everyone seemed to enjoy the french toast, sausage, fruit, cheese, crackers and desserts more.  The kids were great and I had so much fun with them.

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