Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Portland day 1 (Voodo doughnuts, Max, Finnegan's and more)

On day 1 we picked up my mom and headed over to Voodoo doughnuts to try out their interesting treats. My Aunt J, cousin J and a dear friend Miss M joined us there.

Most of the kids thought that the bubble gum doughnuts looked good (yes, they really tasted like bubble gum).

Miss C picked the mini M&M's off of hers.


We all tried the maple bar with bacon on it. Mmm, those were good!

We then headed downtown with my cousin "purple cat" where Nana took the kids to their favorite toy store -Finnegan's-. After lunch we headed over to Starbucks where cousin A works.


That evening much of the family gathered at my Mom's. The grown up "kids" went out for dinner while the kids played at Nana's with my cousins.


We enjoyed some nice family fun that evening. Mr.K got to spend some time with his uncles and though he looked a bit unsure of his situation we think he had a good time.


We got to find out how many engineers it takes to fix a slinky...


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