Friday, May 25, 2012

A Beast feast!

We finally recieved The Beast that I won recently. We were so exicted to get it, that Daddy declaired a "feast day."

It was really just a good excuse to go to Pinacle Peak at Traildust town. Rob has been wanting to take everyone to Pinacle Peak since we moved here. We've been driving by it regularly and even stopped there to check it out with Grandpa and Grandma. The kids were so excited to get to go. The first thing we did was stop in the shooting gallery.

Oh, did you notice the ties that everyone is wearing? Well, it seems that Pinacle Peak has one rule, and that is NO TIES! If you are a "law breaker" and wear a tie they will cut it off. Yea, fun!

Everyone but me and Mr. K was wearing a tie, so they all got in "trouble" and had their ties cut off.


Dinner was steak for mom and dad.  The kids had hot dogs, chicken, quesadillas, and beans.  Everyone seemed happy with their meals, though the real appeal was all of the fun was already had, and that we were about to have!

After dinner we wandered around Trail Dust town a bit and went for a train ride.

Then we headed over to the out door theater for the stunt show. Most of the kids had a great time at the stunt show. Mr. K was not so sure about all of the gun shots and even an explosion, but he didn't seem to mind cuddling up close with mommy, so he decided to just sit still and quietly with my hand over his ear.

The have a little farris wheel there too. Four of the older kids went for a ride on it. Mr. R decided to hang out with Mom and Dad on solid ground. I think he is a smart guy. ;)

On our way out it happened to be time for the second stunt show. All of the kids asked if we could please watch the second showing. With that much excitement we figured we may as well stay.

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