Friday, May 11, 2012

My family is cool

As I was talking to a cousin about our plans for our visit in Portland I realized just how cool my family is.

"Tomorrow we are going to Tillamook to see Dad's art in the gallery" Yep, my Dad was an artist and becoming fairly successful at this second career.

"No "C" will not be able to join us then, he will be doing a phone interview with a Formula 1 group in the UK"  Yes, my youngest brother is hoping to continue the work he started while getting his PhD at OSU by working in designing Formula 1 cars.

"On Thursday we will be going to Nike to visit L" My other brother works at Nike designing shoes.  He can't even show us his

*My hubby is cool too.  He has had some interesting jobs in the military....there's the bomb testing unit, teaching at the AirForce Academy, Oh and the masters work with UAV's and a PhD in virtual reality.

For a family of nerdy Engineers we're doing ok!

Thanks for the bragging moment; and now back to the regular blogging...;)

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