Monday, May 7, 2012

Over the river and through the woods....

to grandma's house we go! We've been on the road again on our way up to Portland to visit family. It's a three day drive from Arizona.

On day one we pulled off the freeway for some gas and happened to be at the General Patton memorial museum. We had to go in. We had a good time checking out all of the Army stuff and Miss C spotted a javelina (Arizona wild life we often see around our house).

On our second day of driving we ended up stopping at the original Black Bear Diner. The kids enjoyed going to Black Bear Diner when we lived in California, so it was a treat for them to get to go to the original one.

It took three days of driving to get to grandma's, though the last day was a much shorter day and we stopped for Hungarian food for lunch along the way.


It was nice to arrive early in the afternoon and have some quiet time not only with Grandma, but with Uncle C too.

This trip has potential to be a good, but hard visit as it is our first visit since my Dad passed away.

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