Wednesday, November 7, 2012

All done?

 When we arrived back at the hotel some of the kids were already sleeping, some laid themselves down still dressed and did not wake until morning.  Everyone was tired and ready for sleep and seemed ready to be done with Disneyland.  Having had some great naps in the park Mr. K and Miss C were the first to wake up in the morning.  To let the others sleep I took them down to breakfast.

Mr. R joined us soon after we got down there.  In conversation it came to my attention that Mr. R had not been able to ride a ride that he had wanted to go on. We had three day passes.  Should we go back for an hour or two?


Yep, after checking out of the hotel we headed back, but just for an hour or two.

Mr. R had been wanting to ride the rocket ships and then go into the innovations building, so that was what we did.

Daddy wanted to revisit Autopia, so we did.  I had lunch with the little kids while the big ones practiced their driving skills.


We were right around the corner from the Alice in wonderland ride, and the line was short.  Why not?  I took the little ones while Daddy and the big kids had lunch.


Miss J making a face like the snotty caterpillar 


Somehow we had missed riding the train the day before and everyone wanted to ride.  Mr. K was so excited once he got to see a train come through the station.  I think it may have been his favorite line and ride!  He even tried to get through the bars a few times. ;)

Miss J thought for sure the Winnie the Pooh ride needed to be done again.  That one is a short line too.


Mr. K was still thinking that Mr. M's hat was great and since he was on my back for this go round it was within easy reach much of the time.  It seemed that every time Mr. M was close he was grabbing that hat and laughing, he was good at putting the hat on himself as well.  We can already tell this little guy has a great sense of humor, we may be in for some big trouble are looking forward to some big laughs with him.

So much for an hour or two in the park and then getting on the road.  We ended up spending nearly a whole day there!  After we finally had dinner and got to the van it was about 6:30.  We drove through the night arriving at home around 3:30 am.  Whew!  What a trip!

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  1. We've done the same thing! Realize we can stop for a couple of hours before heading back home. : ) So glad you had such a fun trip--I love the photos of your family, and how happy and contented everyone looks. I am sure your family made a positive impression there!

    And I completely agree with you about the details that make disneyland special. : )