Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving visit with Nana!

My mom came to visit us for Thanksgiving!  Nana brought some fun little goodies for the kids and it seems it was just enough to help Mr. K warm up to her.

The kids were having so much fun hanging out with Nana and Rob was doing well enough, that we thought we would take the opportunity to go out.  We went to see a movie.


On Thanksgiving we enjoyed a light brunch (or was that Elevensies?) before heading over to spend the day with friends.  Miss J had set it up as a sweet little tea party.  She is getting so good at putting together tea parties for us.

*We were not sure how Rob would do getting out, but he was doing well enough to go spend a few hours on someone else's couch by then!


We didn't take many pictures, we were having too much fun eating all of the yummy food and enjoying the blessing of fellowship.  I did manage to take a picture of Mr. K after he had polished off his first plate of food and was starting in on his seconds.

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