Saturday, November 3, 2012

Visiting friends on the mountain

*We visited two "F Families" during this trip, one right after the other.  This is the second F Family! 

Our kids always refer to the F family's house as being on the mountain and love to go visit there.  We were so glad it worked out with them to manage a visit with them at the end of our trip.  Their little spot on the "mountain" is so beautiful, we love to visit this dear family and enjoy the beautiful fellowship as well.  

The girls all love to bake.  They blessed us with some yummy desserts during our visit.

Many of the kids were really looking forward to playing in the creek and were so glad that the dads agreed to take them.

Miss J was so excited to see that their garden had flourished this year and that there was still the smallest bit of harvesting left to be done.

Thank you F family for a great visit!

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  1. so nice to see you having such a good time with the "F family." : )