Sunday, November 18, 2012

knee surgery

Rob had knee surgery this week.  It was an all day affair, and since Mr. K is still nursing he had to spend the day with me.  Mr. M came along to help.  It was great to have both of these guys along with me.  After getting daddy settled in  right away we were off to play the waiting game.

Since the hospital was in an area we were very firmiliar with we took a walk.  Half an hour later we were seated at starbucks enjoying drinks while Mr. K napped in the stroller.

After lunch we headed up to the waiting room.  We wanted to be there early so we would not miss the doctor coming out to let us know how surgery went.  Mr. K enjoyed the little table available in the waiting room.


When we were called back Mr. K enjoyed checking out the area while keeping quiet and avoiding pushing buttons or pulling cords.

The kids have been happy to hang out with daddy and get anything he may need too.  He has been listening to some reading lessons and cuddling too!

*Oh, if you are wondering what he did to need knee surgery.  It was an on duty injury.  He had a bad landing (he is in the AirForce you know)....during a game of volley ball.  It was a team building game of volley ball.


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