Sunday, November 4, 2012

On home?

On Friday morning we left the F family with the kids thinking that this was the end of the trip and we were on our way home.  A few minutes down the road I turned around and told them of the last minute plans we had made.

"Kids, we have a surprise for you from Grandpa.  We are taking you to Disneyland!"

 Oh the excitement!  My Dad had wanted to take the kids to Disneyland, but it just had not happened.  We had gone as a family when I was little and then again just me and Dad when I was 19.  He took each of his kids there on a special trip and had been looking forward to taking his grandkids as well.  We thought it fitting to take the kids as a special gift from him.  Some of the older kids teared up as we talked about this.  Miss E said she would much rather be going with Grandpa too.  It was a bitter sweet time as a family.  Lots of memories to share with the kids about being here with their Grandpa, they asked what rides he had gone on and which ones he liked best.  We built memories and had a great time together as a family.

We arrived at Disney early in the evening, and only managed to head in for dinner and get a quick look around Main Street before the park closed early that evening.


Princess J was so excited to see the castle!

We headed over to California Adventure Land and checked out a few rides before heading to the hotel for a good night of sleep before our big day at Disneyland

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