Thursday, November 8, 2012


Mr. K has been capable of walking for quite some time.  Every once in a while when he thought no one was looking he would take a step or two, but that was it.  On our trip to California I was noticing that he was getting bolder and steadier, but still not really wanting to walk.  The day we got home he just took off and has been toddling around here like a pro ever since.


This is how Mr. K has done just about everything.  He practices.  We can tell he is working on it, but he will not show us what he is truly able to do until he thinks he can do it very well.  He is a perfectionist, I can already tell.

He is looking and acting more and more like a big boy.  I'd say he is a toddler now, except this big baby just does not want to quit nursing (and really shouldn't given his dairy issues).  He is still our baby for now, but don't tell him that!

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