Thursday, November 8, 2012


Its apple season around here and we have quite the stack here to process.  The kids have been great helpers in getting through all of them.  All of them enjoy manning the peeler/corer/slicer on down through Miss J.

The little girls love eating the peels, and since these apples are organic I'm more than happy to let them!


We've dehydrated many of them.  The dehydrator is the one my dad made nearly 30 years ago.  My step mom very kindly offered it to me.  It is so cool to see it in use so many years later in my own home serving yet another generation.

We have a few jars of applesauce. butter!

I've even got some Apple Cider Vinegar going using the peals that we would be discarding anyways (at least I hope I do, I've never tried this but I hear this works).

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