Tuesday, December 1, 2009

back to "normal" and sick kids

Well, my mom left yesterday. It was so nice to have her here and she was a great help. Miss J got a cold early last week and passed it on to the other kids, it was rough enough around here with Mom's help, we would have been miserable without her!

Miss E and Mr. M were still feeling fairly sick yesterday morning. But after Mom left I felt that the best thing to do was to try to at least do a bit of the school I had planned. We did a little bit of Christmas reading and then I told them I had a craft they could do if they wanted. That got Miss E and Mr. M off of the couch. They all made a couple of paper chains for the school room and a couple kids made little pagoda lanterns with the "holy family" since our quick little lesson was on Christmas in China. After lunch Miss E seemed to go down hill again and spent most of the afternoon resting on the couch. Mr. M seemed to be making a better recovery and was outside playing in the afternoon.
Everyone is doing better today, though Miss E is still rough around the edges and everyone still needs more time to recover fully. Today was errand day and I had an eye appointment. This was my first time out with all of the kids on my own, and it went quite well. This was a good errand to run for the first time out with all of them since we are in that office so often everyone knows what is expected of them, and this doctor is always quick and on time. We'll take it easy the rest of the day to give everyone more time to recover.

Since today was December 1st we got to start our advent calendars today! SOMEONE bought 6 of the kind with chocolate in them even though we only really needed 5 this year. Since Miss C has one and I would hate for her to miss out on her chocolate I guess I'll be eating hers this year.... I'm thinking Rob will help me out by eating hers when he is around at lunch time though, I don't think she will mind missing some. Miss J was quite excited to see that hers contained chocolate, I'm sure she will be even more excited when she finds out we will be doing this everyday!
*after her evening cry Miss C settled right in and fell asleep holding on to me this evening. She is awake more and more during the day, and doing better at sleeping at night!

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