Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas treats

We've been busy this week! We made up quite a few yummy Christmas treats. The kids each took a plate of treats to their AWANA club on Wednesday and we passed out plates of treats to our neighbors on Friday.I listed off all of the choices the kids had for treats to take to their club and they each chose one to take. Miss E chose "Minty Holiday Cookies", so she helped me make those by measuring out all of the dry ingredients. Those have M&Ms and candy cane pieces in them, Miss J and Mr. R were happy to help me break them up.

Mr. R and Mr. M both chose rice krispy treat holly and berries which worked out well since they are in the same class. Mr. R helped me make them and put all the red hot candies on them. Mr. S chose ginger bread men that had already been made up. He was so cute taking them into his class, he was so excited and proud of himself!

Wednesday morning the kids all got to decorate sugar cookies, the little ones got a bit carried away with the decorations, but they sure had a great time! Rob and I made two batches of popcorn balls on Wednesday afternoon after we all went to the bookmobile. Since it was Mr. M's special helper day he helped us out as much as he could. True to the Christmas tradition that someone must get burned at some point in the baking/cooking of holiday foods I got burned by dripping hot candy for the popcorn balls. It was not too bad, but looks yucky right now. I'll spare you having to look at it!

On Friday all of the kids helped me make Christmas mice. Everyone had a job to do (Miss J
assigned herself the job of eating the Oreo tops until Miss E moved the pile away from her), and we all had a great time making them. Daddy tested them when he got home, and then everyone had a mouse after dinner!

Mr. M helped me make up plates of all of these goodies to pass out to our neighbors on Friday during nap time. Then Mr. R and Mr. M scurried around the neighborhood delivering goodies! Of course I saved plenty for us to munch on through the next week!

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