Sunday, December 6, 2009

One month!

Wow! Has it been one month already since Miss C was born? Time sure flies! I can't imagine life without her and it seems as though she has just always been a part of our family.

Besides getting the cold that her big sister so sweetly shared with her (with all of those kisses followed by sneezing on her), she is doing very well. I had her in to see the doctor this week just to make sure her cough was nothing to worry about (doc said she is fine) and she weighed 10 pounds! Thats about two pounds in two weeks! Obviously she is a good eater, is thriving, and growing!

Despite having a cold she went six hours between feedings last night! She normally goes about five hours. Its nice to see those times stretching out! She is also having more alert times during the day and responding more to us!

Everyone still thinks she is wonderful, and they are always asking to hold her. Miss J does not seem to mind that she is not the baby anymore. She loves to take care of Miss C, kiss her, and pat her. Miss J is growing up too, she sleeps in the bottom bunk in the girls' room now and I can tell she is ready to potty train, she keeps telling us she needs to go and wants to sit on the potty. No success yet, but then we're not really in potty training mode yet, I'll get to that in the next few weeks (once everyone is feeling better).

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