Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Russian Christmas activities

Every year at Christmas time we do some "Christmas around the world" school, its a fun way to learn some geography, learn about other cultures and even see where some of our traditions come from! It can also be a good way to learn about family history. This year I asked the kids what countries they would like to do, and also mixed in some that had something to do with family and/or friends.
One of my Great Grandfathers came to America from Russia, so this was one of the countries we did this year. We talked/read a bit about Russia and then read the story of Babouschka. Looked at our Matryorshka dolls and then made ornaments by covering balls with fabric scraps. Then Miss E and Miss J made a Russian spice cake for us (Miss E is feeling quite a bit better, but I was not sure she was up to baking. She told me she wanted to make up the cake. The girls seemed to have fun with it). This all had me thinking of Auntie B too, I always think of her when reading the story of Babouschka or when I see Matryorshka dolls and she always seemed to have great crafts for us to do at Christmas time.
We kept it quiet for the rest of the day since everyone is still dragging. At nap time after I took a quick nap with Miss C I made up Egg Nog Lattes for me, Mr. M and Mr. R. Oh, and for snack this morning Miss E and Mr. S got to eat a pomegranate. Miss E had asked me to pick one up for her, those two enjoyed it- the rest of us passed on it.

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