Thursday, December 3, 2009


There are so many titles I could give this post- "trial by fire" - "sink or swim" - "feast or famine" are a few that come to mind.....
Not only did my mom leave on Monday, but the day before Rob headed out of town for a convention in Florida!  I've been on my own with five sick kids and a newborn since Monday morning (and I've been fighting off whatever the kids had, but never fully got it).  I was a bit worried, mostly because I knew I would not be getting much sleep, but also because Miss J and Miss C often seem to "need" me at the same time. I knew I'd be fine during the day, its the evenings that seem to be hard when daddy is gone.  All went fairly well this week though and Rob is now on an airplane on his way home to us now that the convention is over!  He will be here in about an hour or so!

I'm so glad I made the effort to plan ahead for simple school/Christmas activities for this month.  I think it really helped us this week to have those little things to do, and I did not even have to think about it!  Today I knew we needed something else and I knew just what to pull out!  Auntie J had sent a box before Miss C was born and I was saving it for a "rainy day" and today was it (it arrived the day before Miss C was born, I WAS going to pull it out the next day.)!  It had a little goodie for each of the kids as well as a puzzle and some Odyssey CD's.  This box kept the kids busy all morning!  So, that coupled with some spiced cider and pumpkin cookies for snack I had a bunch of happy kids and I was a happy mama!  Just what Rob will want to come home to!

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