Tuesday, December 15, 2009

German Christmas

I did not give up on the Christmas around the world school. We've been doing it, and the planned crafts, I just have not had time to post it all! Last week we did some Scandinavian countries and celebrated St. Lucia's day on Sunday.
On Monday Rob did school with the kids while I went to my doctor's appointment and picked up some antibiotics. He read to them about Christmas in Germany. As luck would have it we have had quite a bit of exposure to Germany in the last year. We got to know a lovely German
family that was stationed here last year and spent time with them during the holidays. Rob's brother is also stationed in Germany right now and had just sent pictures of some wonderful Christmas fun he was having over there, so Rob showed the kids those pictures!
Our craft for Germany was actually done last week. We put together our gingerbread house, and made gingerbread men. These are everyones favorite types of crafts, the kind you get to eat!

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