Friday, December 28, 2012

A visit with Uncle D and Aunt M!

Uncle D and Aunt M were in the middle of a move this Christmas season and blessed us with a visit the day after Christmas!  They arrived around bed time and the kids were already in their jammies.  Daddy quickly declared a Jammie Drill and we all headed out!


Since the kids were not likely to be going to sleep any time soon, after jacking them up on sugar, we exchanged Christmas gifts and played a bit when we got home.
The marbles were a big hit

Waiting in line for a ride on Uncle D
The next morning we opened gifts from G'ma and Grandad that had been sent along.  The kids had been so excited about the Children's Museum membership and were quite surprised to be getting more gifts!  What fun!

Opps!  Looks like we were too busy helping kids open their gifts and having fun.  No pictures!


Next up?  Uncle D and Aunt Molly thought that the best Christmas gift for our kids would be a trip to Chuck E Cheese.  They were right!  We spent a few hours eating, playing games, visiting, turning in tickets, redeeming prizes and all that.  Everyone had a great time.


It was a short but sweet visit with Uncle D and Aunt M.  Even Mr K was sad to see them go (he doesn't really take to anyone other than Mama, but he seemed to like them!).

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