Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

We enjoyed a nice quiet Christmas day with the kids.  After spending the night sleeping under the Christmas tree the kids got us up at six to open stockings.
The older kids have been asking for these "illegal" shirts for a couple of years


Miss C has been wanting Hello Kitty duck tape

We moved on to opening gifts once everyone was all dressed and ready to go and we'd done our morning reading (We've been enjoying reading Tabitha's Travels through this Advent season).
Waiting sweetly and patiently to be given the go-ahead


I got some sparkly earrings from Rob

She was THRILLED to receive a pink tutu from Miss J!


Funny ears from Miss E

Mr. M got a shaving kit and couldn't wait to use it (he is growing up so fast!).  Later he was found climbing the house making use of his new harness.  Most of us just relaxed and enjoyed the day with some of the books and toys we received.


Mr. K loved the Christmas Oreos that Miss E got for him.  It is amazing that at only 1 year old he already knows to pull the cookie appart and lick out the cream filling.  What a mess, but he sure is cute!

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