Sunday, December 30, 2012


As if chickens and worms were not enough we just added rabbits to our backyard fun!  Mr. S has been wanting to get rabbits for a couple of years now.  Thanks to a great find on craigslist (stacking cages) and a friend (who's friend raises rabbits) the timing was right to get some.

The oldest four each got to pick one.  They were all beautiful and very cuddly.  These little guys are about 3 weeks old right now and will get quite a bit bigger.

Yes, we know that rabbits tend to multiply like...well, rabbits.  These are meat rabbits and we will be breeding them for that purpose.  The kids are loving on these since they are the mommies and daddies that need to be tame and calm.  This is a fun project for daddy and the boys that we can all enjoy.


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