Wednesday, December 19, 2012

piano recital

The oldest three kids started taking piano lessons a few months ago.  We have a wonderful piano teacher, she is a friend of ours and is willing to come to our house to teach the lessons.  What a blessing she is is to our family.  She planned a recital at a local assisted living home.

We got there early which allowed us to visit with some of the residents and to get some practice in on the piano there.

The kids did a great job playing the pieces they had been learning including some traditional Christmas carols.

Miss J is itching to start her own lessons and stayed close to the action.

Miss C was having fun visiting with her friend.

Mr. S liked the look of the fish tank.


It looks like Mr. K is wondering "which one is my mommy?  They all look the same from down here"

"Ah, here she is!"

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