Monday, December 31, 2012

Post Christmas camping

After our guests took off we headed out on our own adventure.  Knowing this was coming up and wanting a relaxing Christmas I'd been loading the trailer slowly over the past couple of weeks.  It didn't take us long to load up the remaining supplies and head out on the road.   We were headed out on a hike within an hour of arriving at the campground.

We made it to the discovery center to explore and learn about the area.


We couldn't have our own fire, but there was a shared fire pit just across the way that we were able to enjoy.


We love the closeness of the trailer.  So many opportunities for cuddling!

The kids made swords from sticks found around the site and duct tape.


More hikes and exploring; though I spent the hiking times at the trailer with napping little ones.
Mr. K was napping when they left, though we met up with them on their way back.  Miss C did a great job keeping up with everyone!
This time Miss C was napping


A cold morning hike with Daddy
Mr. M got sick in the middle of the trip and spend quite a bit of time resting.
Everyone else was out on a hike, we stayed behind to care for Mr. M
We enjoyed many games of skip-bo.


On our last night there it snowed!  The kids knew it was snowing and when they were waking up we could hear their sweet excited whispers.  What fun to have a bit of snow to play in before heading home to a new year!


  1. Looks like a wonderful trip! We are really praying that we will be able to find a reasonably priced trailer as we would love to do some traveling like that, too. :-)

  2. Was that Lehman (sp?) caves? We visited that park this past summer, and it was really interesting--but two of my girls at one point stepped over a rattlesnake we did not even see!!! Whew! I never have the urge to go camping with the kids in the cold--good for you for being so adventurous!

  3. Blessed- we were at Kartchner Caves. I try not to think much about the wild life that may be out there. ;). Traditional camping in the winter would be adventurous indeed, however I don't know that what I did could be called adventurous. I cranked the heat up in the trailer and didn't let the little ones out until it had warmed up in the morning. Now going "camping" around here in the summer I would call adventurous even with a trailer!