Sunday, December 9, 2012

December cupcakes

This is our last batch of cupcakes this year!  I've had so much fun doing these, and I've enjoyed sharing the fun with Miss E who has gotten more and more involved as the year has progressed.  This month I wanted to do the ones from my calendar. Miss E wanted to do another set.  We did two sets.

Miss E did a GREAT job on these ornaments.  She had fun putting these together with a little help from Mr. M.   These cupcake carriers really helped pull off the look since they looked like they were in an ornament storage boxes!

I made these gluten free dairy free cupcakes.  These tasted so good, I don't think a single child realized they were "messed with" except the ones that were happy I managed to work around their allergies.

*I forgot to post November's cupcakes.  We didn't get pictures before heading off to church and managed to snap one really quickly during the potluck.  Miss E made the ones that looked like a cooked up turkey with stuffing in it.  I made s'more cupcakes (gluten and dairy free as well).

Miss E also made these cute pumpkin and corn cupcakes for Thanksgiving.  She was thrilled when our hosts suggested that cupcakes would be a fun addition to the dessert table.  They were a big hit with all of the kids.  


  1. Love the cupcakes! May I ask for the glutenfree/dairy free cupcake recipe? Thanks!

  2. Kelly- I got the recipe from Elana Amsterdam's cook book "Gluten-Free Cupcakes" though for the vegan butter cream I used powdered sugar instead of the suggested sweeteners. She has a blog that has some great recipes