Thursday, December 6, 2012


Our kids have been wanting Chickens for a LONG time.  They've been reading up on how to care for them and clearing a spot in the yard for them.  The last couple of weeks we kicked our preparations into high gear when we acquired a hen house from friends who are moving.

A friend has raised some great hens from eggs, and they just started laying.  She was willing to sell a few to us.  We just picked them up last week and have been thrilled to be enjoying eggs from them right away.

The kids are enjoying letting them out of the hen house in the morning, feeding them, checking for eggs and locking them up in the evening.  When we first brought them home they were a bit shy as they adjusted, but they are getting used to us and our new home.  The kids are enjoying getting to interact with the hens a bit more now that they are settling in.


*We are getting 3-4 eggs a day right now though that number may go up to 4-5.  These hens do not provide all the eggs we need, but they supplement us nicely and are a great experience for all of us.  We also love knowing that the eggs we are eating are from healthy happy hens.  The eggs from our chickens (and every other home raised chicken egg we've had) have BRIGHT yellow/orange yolks, as compared to the dull yellow from store bought.

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