Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve!

We spent today getting some housekeeping, baking and other work done around the house in preparation for Christmas.  This afternoon we made up some of our favorite finger foods.  By dinner time we had the table set up buffet style and the Christmas music was playing.
Rob set up some little tables on the floor that all but Mr. K sat at.  We enjoyed a casual dinner of finger foods, sparking cider and egg nog.
(Isn't he a cute little Red Nosed Reindeer?)
After dinner we pulled out some games.  We had a couple going and it was quite the lively time with everyone playing and enjoying the time together.

After clean up we spent some time sining Christmas Carols and the kids all set up for a slumber party in the living room by the tree.  They are all snuggled in and trying to get to sleep (after building their forts) so Mommy and Daddy can come stuff their stockings and put gifts under the tree.

I'm treasuring watching my children together under the glow of the tree, what a beautiful sight!

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