Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A play day in Monterey!

It has been fun to be able to take the kids back to a place where they've lived, and enjoy some of their favorite things (even if most of our friends have moved on).  Our first stop for our play day was the park.

Fisherman's wharf is fun, but a tourist trap.  As we were playing the part of tourists that day we thought we'd make the stop. ;)  It is always fun to taste test all of the chowders as we walk along.

This place got us with the big windows, great children's menu, and FREE dessert!



The dry ice in little cups next to the dessert was a HUGE hit! Everyone was experimenting and having fun with it.  Yes, we are a homeschooling family! LOL!

A stop at the candy store was promised if the kids were well behaved AND all of the food we ordered was gone.  They were remarkably well behaved and also scarfed up all of the food, so we stopped.  Salt water taffy for everyone!  YUM!


I had taken Miss E to get a pedicure (with me) at the end of my pregnancy with Mr. K.  We spotted this sweet butterfly chair that looked perfect for Miss J, but she was still too little.  We decided to get our toes done while in town so she could sit in the chair.
These two sat quietly eating snacks and watching signing time.  Miss C did not want her toes done, but had fun watching.

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