Thursday, August 29, 2013

Homeschool Family camp day 1

As I mentioned in my arrival day post; camp is more like a family reunion now.  Our kids have built some special relationships with some very dear families, and we want to encourage these relationships.  Since they only see them once a year we give our older kids a fair bit of freedom at this camp.  Miss E asked if she could serve with another family working at camp so that she could be with a friends.  Service is something else we want to encourage, so she spent the entire morning working with that dear family.

The rest of us enjoyed the nautical themed learning stations (the theme for this year was "Shipwrecks" as in teaching how to avoid, personal, spiritual, and family shipwrecks).  Our first station was a bit of a team building activity.  The first object was to roll a large barrel down the field, around another barrel and back again; each person in the family needed to do it once (exception made for pregnant mamas).


I loved that they had alternative activities for the 3 and under kids.  After watching Miss C roll her "barrel" a few feet, around a bucket, and back Mr. K set to work and did a great job!
Practice setting the table while on a rocky sea (see the ball under the board?).
Rob got most of the family balanced, trying to get their sea legs.


We also learned about navigating, the history of navigation and about navigating by the stars.  Rob and some of the kids got to make up a map and send another family on a treasure hunt (while they went on a hunt using someone else's map).

After a busy morning Mr. K was ready for a nap.  He didn't even make it through lunch!
He first grabbed my hair and then laid his head on my hand and jus settled in like this.


I took a nap during recreation time.  Rob took the little ones to play until I joined them again.
It wasn't just the big kids looking forward to seeing their friends at camp.  The younger kids also have plenty of friends that they love to see at camp!


The big kids (down through Miss J) enjoyed the English Country Dance that evening.  Miss C was quite upset to hear she would have to miss it, so she was allowed to go watch for a bit before joining me and Mr. K for an "early" bedtime in the cabin.

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