Thursday, August 29, 2013

Homeschool family camp day 2

Mr. K was up bright an early for his second full day at camp.  This camp stuff is fun!

After breakfast we had a quick announcement session and learned a bit about hand-to-hand combat.  Miss E, Mr. R and Rob all got to help demonstrate, but I forgot to take pictures.  Instead I got this cute one of our sweet friend Miss R.


Our learning sessions for the morning included one on nautical communication (flags and morse code), and then weapons at sea (which I missed because I was keeping myself and the little ones out of the ash from the forest fire burning 20 miles away).


The kids love camp food (this camp actually has some GREAT food).  Getting to pick drinks at every meal is fun too!
Once again the fun morning did Mr. K in.
After lunch the ladies had a Titanic themed tea.  Each woman was given a boarding pass with the name of a female passenger on the Titanic.  I received the ticket for Mrs. Harder, who survived along with her husband (as far as we know, no direct relation).

I looked out the dining hall window to see Mr. M and a friend practicing walking on the barrels.  They were getting quite good!

The go-carts are always a big hit with our family.  The kids were sad to hear that this would be the last year the camp would have them.  For insurance reasons the camp would no longer be able to run them, so they would need to be sold.


That evening we got to enjoy a Winton concert, this year they were joined by the Pelster Sisters (we enjoyed getting to know this family at camp, they are great!).  Miss J was so excited, and Mr. Winton was so sweet to play Amazing Grace just for her.

Miss C may not have been quite as excited about the concert, or maybe she'd just had a really exciting day?

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