Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jenness Park Homeschool Family camp arrival day

Our first time or two at camp we were going for family time and good teaching.  Now we go for the relationships we have build with some very dear families.  Camp is like a family reunion that also includes a wonderful speaker that will impart wisdom to help us lead and guide our family.

Most of the women at this camp were pregnant.  Rob got this quick shot of me with some dear friends, all expecting!  We are standing in order of due date from just two weeks left to go, to due in January.  Yay for new babies!

This camp had a very different dynamic than past camps in that it was a very young camp.  Out of 80 people registered 60 were 10 or under!  Yes, our kids had a great time!  Don't worry about out older kids, they had plenty of friends there too, some of their friends actually live and work at the camp (so they were not registered).  


Ah, late nights at camp!

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