Monday, August 26, 2013

Next up? Grandad and G'ma's house!

This trip already had a couple of stops (one and two), and a few more to come.  The stop at G'ma and Grandads was timed to coincide with the birthdays of Miss E, Mr. K AND Grandad (yes, all three on one day!).
The kids had a great time playing, there is so much to do there....
Grandad's train sets (and other toys) were a hit!

Grandad's car was a hit too!

Fishing in the lake was fun, even if no one got anything.

The kids had fun picking apples and lemons in the backyard.  Making lemonade back there was a fun treat too!


A stop at the home of Snoopy is nearly always in order when we are in town.
Thanks for the fun visit!

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