Thursday, August 29, 2013

Time to say goodbye to camp. :(

This is the third year that we've said that we thought it was our last at camp.  This year we think we really did mean it.  We'll be moving to Colorado and my hubby will be stuck to a school schedule with his teaching job. :(  It was hard saying good-bye even though we know we will be making the effort to see these friends in the future one way or another, but it will not be soon enough!

Miss E spent quite a bit of her time at camp with some of these friends.  We were pleased to see the choices she made throughout our time at camp.  Every morning she helped me get the little ones ready for the day (usually without being asked).  I noticed her choosing to sit with her little sisters and their little friends (who love Miss E and had been looking forward to seeing her at camp) at meals instead of with her other friends just two tables away (and plenty of space for her).  She took time to take her sisters shopping at the little store and do some activities with them as well.  She is growing into quite the young woman and we were so blessed to see this fruit in her!  (I also need to note that for the 3rd or 4th camp in a row Mr. R spent his (nearly) entire recreation time at camp serving up at the zip line.  They actually put him on the schedule this time since he has been so reliable and is always so excited to serve in this way!  What a blessing it is to see him serving and giving of his time!)

Remember those go carts that the camp was needing to get rid of?


Yea, Rob thought it would be fun to take them home.  We got a screaming good deal on them from the camp (including the trailer).  So they followed us home!  Now we'll have a bit of camp with us at home (camp at our house next year!?!?)

As we pulled out of camp kids started asking for tissues, complaining of stuffed up noses and sore throats etc.  Yep, the kids were sick.  The timing was perfect.  We almost always catch some sort of bug on a trip.  This time we got to have all of our fun and then deal with the ickies.  It did make the drive home a bit rough for some though.

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  1. If you move to Colorado Springs, please let me know! We lived there for the first 7 years of our marriage, and still have lovely friends there. : )

    Those buggies are awesome!