Tuesday, August 20, 2013

On the road again...First stop? Catching up with the Jones'

Our first destination on this trip was to visit our dear friends, The Jones Family.  When we arrived they had filming going on for a short movie.  We were thrilled to get to be there to see it happening, and to see the many friends that were participating in the movie.  Everyone involved were either already good friends, or people we wanted to get to know better.  We had a great time that evening.

Poor girl, she tripped and fell giving her leg/ankle a nasty cut.  There was an attempt to avoid urgent care, but in the end she needed 5 stitches.  Everyone was happy that was the only casualty during the night filming outside.


We spent Saturday hanging out and visiting.

Mr. S helped Mr. Jones cut down a tree.
Don't worry about Mr. Jones, he was just fine. 
The kids threw some pop-its.

The kids played games.

On Sunday morning we were all ready a bit early so the kids gathered together to hear a story.

Mostly, we were just so busy enjoying each other's company and catching up that we didn't take many pictures.  It was such a great visit, and we are already missing them!  Thanks Jones family!

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