Saturday, October 6, 2012

broken pieces, but treasured memories

We love tea parties around here.  We put on fancy ones, or just enjoy a pot and a pretty cup.  My little girls have come to love tea time and regularly get out a small teapot and tea cups on their own.  I love watching how excited they are and how they are learning to be careful and use good maners.  However, recently the day I had hoped would not come did indeed come.

Miss J sweetly came to me, grabbed my hand and said "Mommy, I need you."  I was making breakfast and asked what she needed; again she said "I need you" and then gently pulled me.  As she was guiding me I realized what must have happened....

We cleaned up the mess together.  We shared our disappointment.  I didn't have to tell her, she knew it was a special pot that my Grandma had given me when I was a little girl (though it was only the lid that broke).  While I was disappointed that it broke I was happier that my girls had gotten good use out of it and I realized a few things....

I was so glad that my little girl was not scared to tell/show me what had happened.  She knows I love her more than that pot/lid.  That we could share the task of cleaning up without tears and sadness over a meer thing, but instead could share our honest disappointment in it's breaking.


I was so happy that my girls had had the opportunity to use this pot.  It could just have easily broken in one of our many moves or as I handled it.  My kids not only have memories of using my special things (without fear), but they have built special memories together enjoying them.

More than anything I was thankful that for now I have my daughter's heart.  I pray that God would continue to give me the grace, wisdom, and strength to keep her heart as only He can do (and her sibling's hearts too!).

Within a couple of minutes we had the mess cleaned up and Miss J was cheerfully back to her tea.  I was left to think about how easy that had gone, and wonder how many other times I've made too big a deal out of little things that just don't matter.  What a blessing these little ones are, and through God's grace He uses them to teach me so much!

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  1. That pot would be so pretty with flowers in it. I am down to only eight tea cups in my set and only 6 that are not chipped. Like you, happy that we are enjoying them every day, but sad about so many broken pieces.