Sunday, October 28, 2012

Family Homeschool camp, Revolution and Colonial life!

On our first full day of camp after breakfast we started out our day with our morning sessions.  In the first ones we learned about battles of the Revolution as well as a bit of charting points on a map.

While the boys went out and practiced marching and target practice with marshmallow guns....

...the girls practiced some Colonial living.
Kneading dough

Sewing with sewing cards


Hand washing

The big kids had most of their meals with friends.


The little ones sure enjoyed time with their friends too!

After lunch we had free time, and we all went our separate ways.  Mr. R had been looking forward to helping out on the zip line since the last time we were at camp.  Miss E spent time with a friend and then help her and her mother set up a tea party for the ladies.  Mr. M and Mr. S played with friends.  I took Miss J up to ride the zip line while Rob watched the little ones.


Miss J was a pro at the zip line having done it the year before.  Since I had never done it she went first to show me how its done. ;)

Later I retrieved the little ones and Rob decided to brave the hills (his knee is injured, he was using a cane while at camp) so he could spend some time doing the go carts with Mr. M


After the evening session the big kids stayed up late playing lazer tag.  I went to bed with the little ones, who were, by that point, coming down with colds.

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  1. All these posts about camp make me so jealous! It looks like soooooooooooo much fun. I wish there was something like that around here! : )