Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Off to the Ranch!

We couldn't be in the area and not head out to our friend's ranch to visit with them and enjoy the beauty of God's creation.  The first thing the kids spotted was the tortoise.

Mr. K was slowly making progress towards walking all along this trip.  Here he is practicing standing.


The kids had been excited to hear from some friends that the lake had dried up and that there may be a way across to the island.  Mr. S put a stop to that by setting off on his own taking the wrong route.

 A rescue mission was soon mounted and he was soon getting the mud washed off of him.

Some of the crew took off in a jeep for a better look at the ranch.

Miss J and her "treasure."

The kids had a speech prepared and were happy to present it where it all began!  We sure do miss speech club and our friends there.

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