Thursday, October 25, 2012

G'ma and Grandad's day 1

G'ma and Grandad's house is full of fun stuff to do, our first day in town was spent hanging out exploring the house, yard, and neighborhood.  All of the kids enjoyed playing with the toys they had set up waiting for them, the trains were a big hit!

Matching shirts!


All of the kids love picking lemons off the lemon tree.  Miss J was so excited to make lemon aide and then set up a tea party.

It was a beautiful day so we set out for a walk around the neighborhood to see some friends and feed the ducks.

Mr. K is getting to be such a big boy!

After lunch everyone was ready to get to work in the back yard (well, almost everyone).  The little ones found plenty of fun while the big kids worked. 


 Mr. M and Mr. S helped chop down some little trees.  Miss E trimmed the shrubbery.  Mr. R was in the garage with Grandad. 


 Miss J also enjoyed picking flowers and arranging them.

Mr. K was excited that there were apples in the back yard and that his siblings enjoyed picking so many of them!
Thanks for the fun day!

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