Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Homeschool camp; spies, tea, and more fun!

Our second full day at camp was another fun one.  Meals were always fun for the kids not just because they got to pick their foods, but also great chances to visit!

 We started out with a session on spies and codes.  After the lesson our big kids enjoyed deciphering some codes.

The little girls enjoyed some play that had been set up for them.

After lunch a Ladies Tea was set up.  Not only was the room set up beautifully but we were blessed to  have a sweet skit on manners and then a wonderful talk on Biblical Beauty.

After the tea I got the little girls and headed up to the zip line again.  Miss C had heard that Miss J had done the zip line and was determined that she would do it too.  We were skeptical, but didn't want to discourage her so we took her up expecting her to chicken out at every step (but made it clear that if she went to the top of the hill the only way down was on the zip line).


She let them put the equipment on her and walked all the way up the hill.  As she watched Miss J go down she started to have second thoughts, but made it down anyways.  Tears were involved at the end, but she was a brave little girl and we were so proud of her!

We all headed over to the go carts.  I told Mr. M I'd let him drive me.

Miss E drove Daddy.

A dear friend kept an eye on the little ones for us.

Miss J thought the zip line was more fun so I took her up there again along with Mr. S


That evening was the English country dance.  I took the two youngest back to the cabin for bed while Rob stayed with the big kids.  I hear Miss J managed to get some dances in this time.  From what I hear everyone had a great time!


Thanks CVP and Jenness Park for yet another GREAT camp!

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