Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Keeping up with the Joneses

Our first stop on our vacation was to visit our dear friends the J Family.  After breaking the ice with Oktoberfest next door, we spent the next day visiting, relaxing and watching all of the sweet (cute) children playing.


Miss J (and Mr. S) thought that the birds were great and really enjoyed getting to know them.  They were trying to convince us that birds would be great pets for our family too.

The girls dressed up and then asked if they could have some fruit for a picnic.  After snapping some pictures the moms enjoyed some time on the porch catching up.


Mr. K was thrilled to get to play outside so much on this trip.  We can't let him out much here it Arizona, too much cactus for a little one.
Mr. J is so much fun!

Just look at all of those sweet kids (minus the two already in bed), each and every one of them are such blessings!

Thank you J Family for the lovely visit!

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